Thursday, January 31, 2008

Still not sure

I'm still not sure who to vote's 12 days and counting.

My boss, a staunch Democrat, likes to talk politics...doesn't help that he knows Demetri worked for Gov. Ehrlich, and hence knows I'm a, I have to be well versed...

I passed along to him the Activote site mentioned in an earlier post, he took it while home sick yesterday, and came in this morning to tell me that his results were tied as well for both Clinton and Obama. I felt relief that my results weren't just operator error, but perhaps a flaw in the questioning...

So he shares with me a site called Glass Booth. Again, another "issue matching" site that I assumed would help me narrow down my choices. This one is a bit more specific as it asks you to first pick topics that are important to you, then you answer questions. You'll be happy to know that Mitt Romney and I match 81% of the time...however Mike Huckabee and John McCain match 80% of the, back to the drawing board.

I did, however, come across Project Vote Smart this morning. You can browse through the candidate field and, for those candidates that are members of Congress, see how they voted on legislation...turns out, John McCain votes how I would vote, but can't be considered in a vacuum as Mitt Romney doesn't have a voting record...AHHHH!