Monday, January 28, 2008

Cast Your Vote

If you're like me, you're probably still not sure who you'll vote for in this year's Presidential election. Maryland's primary is February 12, so now I'm really feeling pressure to pick someone already!

So what do I do? Like any good little girl, I ask my Daddy, of course! Florida's primary is tomorrow, so I figured by now he'd have a pretty good idea of who he was going to vote for. During our conversation about why he picked who he picked (I'm not telling until I get the result of his little quiz) he told me about the Activote site. I'm pretty sure it's mainly a Florida site, but the most interesting part is vHarmony's (get it, v-Harmony??) Presidential's a series of questions that you answer and, based on your response to these questions, it shows you which candidate most closely matches your same positions on major issues.

Disclaimer: You do have to sign up and you have to be ready to make a committment on certain issues...but even after that, you still may not quiz came back as matching all three Republican candidates equally!!!!

So, I'm on to my next site, FactCheck...I still have 14 days to figure it out :)