Friday, February 1, 2008

Hey, Diane

So, Diane...How you doin'?

My mom tells me that you were checking out some pics of me...well, I must say, that's just made my day. But, before do something totally crazy, like run off and leave Jason and Eli for a fine specimen such as myself, there are some things you should know...

  • I like snacks...lots and lots of snacks...I pretty much eat everything

  • I like to walk...lots and lots of walking

  • I also enjoy naps...usually sprawled out in the middle of the room in everyone's way

  • If you're lucky, I'll roll over onto my back when you walk by and invite you to scratch my belly

  • I enjoy the occasional butt scratching...right above my tail...oh yea, that's it!

Now, I completely understand if your not ready to commit to this kind of relationship yet, but keep this photo as a reminder and let me know if you decide to change your mind...

All my love, Dexter