Sunday, July 13, 2008

Odor Update

The actions taken in the previous post were unsuccessful in determining the source of the smell. As an after thought, Demetri suggested that perhaps the garlic was stinking. Being good Greeks, we always have plenty of garlic on hand. We have a canister specific for holding garlic, including some vents on the back.

Our scientific experiment was to take the contents of the garlic container and put them in a tupperware container and see if the smell went away. Sure enough, no more "onion-y" smell. So, now I'm bummed because I really like the garlic container. But, before we can come up with a plan B for the garlic, Demetri cut one of the bulbs open to use for dinner and discovered that it was, in fact, rotted. I was outside downstairs working on the new coffee table (a post for antoher time) and I came in and turned the corner to go up the stairs and could smell the garlic from up in the kitchen...nasty!

So, now I need more garlic and hopefully this can live in the container...otherwise, we'll have to stop using garlic.