Monday, May 5, 2008

I saved Demetri $160 dollars this weekend

This weekend was a beautiful Maryland weekend...sunny and warm but not humid...the kind of blue sky that makes the trees really, we tried to spend as much of it outside as possible.

On Saturday, we started the day hitting some local garage sales (Demetri's new favorite past time) and then headed to Eastern Market to meet my cousin Lora. We haven't been to there in quite a while, so there were some new vendors in the flea market area we checked out. You know I'm a sucker for purses, so I ended up at the purse lady's table. I started admiring some of her "Coach" bags and she starts pulling some others out from under the table. I can't really understand what she's saying, but I think it was something along the lines of "I can't keep these out on the table, but do you like any of these?" Well, did I ever! I ended up coming home with this little beauty.

At this same time, Julia was out in Queenstown at the Coach outlet and filled me in on a purse that's similar to the one I'm lusting over. By purchasing this one, rather than the one at the outlet, I saved $60.

On Saturday afternoon, I mentioned to Demetri that I'd like to look into replacing the round kitchen table (that we really don't use to eat on and instead plop our junk there) with two big cozy chairs. So, he suggests a trip to Ikea on Sunday morning, especially after he discovered Ikea has a $0.99 breakfast plate. We get to Ikea and enjoy breakfast for 2 for less than $6 and make our way to the chair section. We decided on two Tullsta chairs for $99 a piece plus 2 $50 chair covers.
Our FAVORITE place in Ikea is the "As-is" section...its where they store all the damaged pieces that you can get for a pretty significant discount. We walk in and staring us in the face were two leather Tullsta chairs for $135 a piece. So I say to Demetri "it's too bad that they are more expensive than the ones we're getting." Then he reminded me that the chairs plus the slip covers would be more expensive. Ah-ha! So we load up the two as-is chairs (which, as it turns out, were not damaged, but floor models that they were selling) and the employee that works in that area stops us...I knew it! Too good to be true! He tells us that it's an additional 20% of chairs and sofa's so he needed to give us another tag...marked down to $108 a piece!

Originally we were going to spend $300 for chairs...and instead got two for $216...give or take with taxes...around $100 saved! And here's how they look: