Friday, January 25, 2008

Six Degrees...

Below is an e-mail from my Aunt Vicki, who lives in Kansas...a small world indeed!

Hi Jim! I don't know if you've met this guy or not, but he was the Lt. Governor when Demetri worked in the Governor's office in MD. He spoke at a fundraiser last night here in Wichita and we went. I asked him if he knew Demetri and he laughed and said 'Yes!". I told him Sarah was my niece and he hugged me and told me "well, we're like family then!" He's a wonderful speaker and very personable. He's also the head of GOPAC and told us Demetri set up their network for them. Anyway, just wanted to pass these along to you. Small world!
Hope you're all doing well!
Love, Vicki

My Cousin Lora, My Aunt Vicki, Michael Steele, and my Uncle Mickey....