Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pouli take Manhattan

This weekend, we took a little mini-vacation (Demetri calls it an "adventure") to the Big Apple. It had been a while since we'd done anything or gone anywere just because, and not had any type of agenda or plan, so on Monday we decided to make the trek.

Instead of spending the week meticulously plotting our entire trip with fun-filled activities, I decided we'd go with the flow and just see where the adventure took us...I'd made a mental list of things it might be fun to do while we were there, and got some input from a friend at work, so we had a general idea of where we'd go once we got there, but nothing formal...I was very proud of myself.

We relaxed Saturday morning and got on the road around 11:30...made it to Hoboken around 3:00 and got to Times Square around 4:00 or so...we'd decided the thing we'd like to do the most is have dinner and see a show. My friend Dave told us about this place called TKTS...discount show tickets for performances that day. So, we found the REALLY long line under the Marriott Marquis in Times Square and waited...and waited...and waited...during all this waiting, we prioritized this list of shows we wanted to see, based on what they were selling and what might be sold out by the time we got to the window...first choice (and obvious choice) was Phantom of the Opera...but, I seriously doubted we'd actually get those tickets, so we also added Chicago, Mamma Mia and Rent to our list...

Well, wouldn't you know it, after 45 minutes in a cattle call line, we got 50% off tickets to the 8pm showing of Phantom of the Opera...HOLY COW! So, with about 2 hours until show time, we found a place to eat, saw Chazz Palmenteri walk by, and made it back to the Majestic Theater in time for the show to start. Our seats were on the upper level, but I doubt there was a bad seat in the place. If you've never seen this show, I HIGHLY recommend it. The music was great and the set/stage changes were phenomenal! Much like experiencing my first NASCAR race at Daytona, I've probably spoiled myself by seeing Phantom as my first show in NYC...

Thanks to Maria Christina for getting us a room at the Sheraton in Parsippany (which I'm told is not pronounced Par-si-pan-ny) for Saturday night and had a lazy drive back home on Sunday. Thank goodness the government holidays, so I had Monday to recover :)