Friday, November 23, 2007

Prepared for Parenthood

So, we may not be prepared for everything that comes along with being parents, but we certainly have coping with emergency situations down. What was shaping up to be a pretty mundane Friday evening got a little spicy when Ms. Poulos decided to inhale, rather than swallow, the piece of turkey she was eating. Demetri went right into the Heimlech (sp) maneuver (Go Eagle Scout!)...and when that wasn't proving to be productive, I called 911.

While on the phone to 911, Demetri kept trying to get the turkey out...Ms. Poulos was breathing a little (imagine an asthmatic child) and by the time I got done giving the 911 operator the information, the piece had come out. In real time, this took 2 minutes, maybe...may as well have been 20 minutes...

Even though the piece came out, EMS still had to come out to give her the once over. She's longer blue, which is good.

Thinking back, I think Demetri and I make a great tag team...see, prepared for parenthood! :)