Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You know this is Iowa, right?

Picture this - 2 hours of traffic to get to our campsite that was truly only an hour away, only to discover 20-minutes out that the cabin we were supposed to stay in was infested with stinkbugs. Quick! Plan B! Enter the trusty iPhone.

google: "Camping in Harpers Ferry"

results: Andy Mountain Cabins


Robert: Hello, Andy Mountain Cabins

Me: Robert! Help! My friends and I are camping this weekend and the place we were going to stay is now infested with stinkbugs and it's dark now and we're trying to come up with a plan you happen to have any availability for tonight and tomorrow night?

Robert: Actually yes, we do...someone just cancelled. How many do you have?

Me: 8 adults

Robert: Might be tight, but I bet you could all fit.

Me: much?

Robert: $120 per night

Me: Okay - let me call the people we're camping with to make sure they're okay with this and I'll call you right back.

Robert: Okay - about how long will you need cause we're getting ready to leave?

Me: 10 minutes tops (internal monologue: Wow - impressive customer service...they're still open at 7:30 on a Friday???)

Less than 10 minutes later:

Robert: Hello, Andy Mountain Cabins

Me: Robert? This is Sarah and we'll take it

Robert: Great, do you know how to get here?

Me: yea, I think so...I have my iPhone so I'll just map myself to your address

Robert: well, where are you now?

Me: We are on 340 just after the split with 15 south of Frederick

Robert: Um, is that in Wisconsin?

Me: What? No, just south of Frederick, Maryland

Robert: you know you called Harpers Ferry, Iowa, right?

Me: HA, um no, I didn't...guess we aren't as close as I thought we were, huh?

Robert: only about a 15 or 16 hour drive...