Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do you play...Croquet?

Last sunday was the Annual Croquet Match between the "Middies" and the "Johnnies." For all of you not from Annapolis, this means the Naval Academy Midshipmen play croquet against the Johnnies of St. Johns Academy. Rumor has it that this whole thing started when a Midshipmen called out a Johnnie one night, saying we could beat you at any sport, you name it. So they did, and the poor Middies have been getting their but kicked since then.

For everyone else, it's an excuse to get all dressed up and drink champange all afternoon :). This year was no exception. Thanks to Rob for getting the huge tent - which he apparently needed a permit for - and Rachel Ray for her recipe for sausage pizza was a huge hit.

Fun pictures are below...this is only a small sample of the 200 or so that were taken that can click on the album link for all of them, if you have a free 30 minutes.

From Croquet

Lisanne and Taegan...from behind :)

The Adams' - Pierce, Zach and Stacey

Top three finalists in our hat judging competition...Lisanne (on the left) took home top prize

What's a Pouli blog post with out a picture of our psuedo-kid Anna?

Anna and Pierce

From Babies at Croquet