Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Oh Eight

Sorry the Pouli have been MIA lately, but we've been a little busy - in normal Pouli Fashion...

December 13th we hosted our small group Christmas Party - the white elephant strikes again. The next week was spent getting all things ready for the family visit...Woo Hoo!

The parents and Stephen and Kristin arrived on Saturday and we got straight to it, spending the day in DC ice skating, visiting the museum and Julia, then a stop to the National Christmas Tree - Hey, we don't mess around.

Sunday was the cookie bake off...which actually only started as a suggestion from the Mom to have Kristin, she and I bake a different cookie so we could all trade and ended up with Danielle coming over to judge...I'm still trying to figure out how my Mom was able to rig the judging when she claims she and Danielle have never met.

Monday was the coldest day of the year (literally) and we spent time in Annapolis and the mall...but were home in time to celebrate Dexter's big day...the big 5! Demetri tried the cake, but apparently there's a reason it's only recommended for pups.

Tuesday was a day of rest and Wednesday found us at all 3 Christmas Eve services at BACC. Thursday we spent a very relaxing day at home with our presents from Santa. Demetri's big gift was this and mine was this...Florida Santa was extremely good to us and got us most of the way to this, so expect more photo posts in 2009.