Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Smith Island is the Best Island!

A few months ago, Demetri and I were flipping through a magazine - the name of which escapes me now - and caught a Top 10 article about cities in a particular category - that also escapes me - and one happened to be Smith Island, MD...particularly the Smith Island Cake that they are famous for. Sounded intriguing, especially since it is now the official cake of the State of Maryland and we love cake.
A while later, Demetri was in Ocean City for work and came across a restaurant that sold these cakes, so he brought one home for me as a surprise...boy, does he know my weak spot! We kept it in the freezer for a while so we could share with my parents and when they were here in September, we dug in. I am in no way exaggerating when I tell you this was the best cake (possibly the best food ever) that I've ever eaten!!! Hands down...I think Demetri and my parents will agree. Here's what it looks like:
After the first cutting (we hadn't realized yet that it was so rich that you had to eat smaller pieces:))
Three weeks later: