Monday, July 21, 2008

Rush who?

Earlier last week, Demetri called and said someone at work had two VIP tickets and a parking pass to go see Rush at Nissan Pavillion and asked if I wanted to go. Naturally, I said "Who?" He told me that they've been around for YEARS and that I'd recognize their songs once I heard them. So, I said what the heck, it's free and we don't have we went.

We drove the hour it takes to get to Bristow, VA, parked the car in one of the VIP spots, got a drink and headed to our seats. You can imagine my surprise at the packed house for a band that I'd never even heard of. Apparently, I'm the minority.

The 3-member band comes out and everyone stands up screaming. Seriously? So, we stand to, cause there isn't anything worse than staring at strangers backsides. The music starts and the crowd starts freaking out! Apparently, its a crowd of all drummers, cause suddenly everyone is drumming along to the music.

An hour into this show, I was bored out of my mind, didn't recognize 1 song, no longer had my hearing and had finished my wine. So, at intermission, I ask Demetri for the keys and tell him I'll just wait in the car (which, by the way has AC) until it's over. Um no. He insists that I'm not sitting out there by myself, and that if I was not enjoying myself, we'd just leave.

One of those great marriage moments where you're not sure you can stick it out for the sake of your mate, so you end up feeling crappy that the other person is disappointed, but there was really no alternative that didn't involve either mass quantities of alcohol or a tranquilizer.

So, we both left - drove the hour back home...well, I should clarify - he drove, I fell into a coma like sleep in the back seat.