Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hello, Stephanie (CL)

I got a letter in the mail the other day from Patti Bush, the lady that cleans my house - well technically she doesn't clean the house, but she hires people that do. Since the beginning, Cindy has been our girl...she did a great job in the beginning, but that could probably be because I was so enamored with the idea of someone else cleaning my house that I didn't care how "clean" it was.

So, the letter I got the other day was letting me know that Cindy no longer works with her, as "she didn't like cleaning as much as she thought she did" and that Stephanie will be cleaning our house now. Stephanie has been with her for 2 years and she "loves to clean and I think you will see a difference in the cleaning as well." (For the remainder of the time this Stephanie is with us, she will be referred to as 'Stephanie (CL)' as I know two other Stephanie's and don't want to confuse anyone.)

What the French, Toast? I mean, Cindy seemed to be slacking recently and the house was never as clean as "the first time" but seriously? Demetri and I wonder if she kept getting complaints about not really doing a good job...hmmmm

So, today was Stephanie's (CL) first time at Casa de la Pouli. You can imagine my surprise when I got a call from Patti who said that Stephanie (CL) had cleaned the main level and the upstairs, but couldn't get to the basement as Dexter wasn't letting her in. She'd basically cleaned the whole house and hadn't let Dexter out of the basement. So, for approx 2 hours, he's down there freaking out because some stranger is in his house and then she tried to get into his laboratory and he was apparently like "oh, hell no." So, I told Patti where the treats were, so Stephanie (CL) was able to buy his love with Pupperoni and preceeded to clean the basement.

When Demetri and I got home, she'd left us a note about Dexter and how things went well after the treat exchange, except that the vomited twice downstairs, so SHE VACCUMED AROUND IT!!! Seriously. He'd apparently gotten so distraught that he yacked and instead of cleaning it - which would make sense because she's a cleaning lady - she vaccumed around it. So, Demetri will be spending the latter part of the evening cleaning up dried puppy vomit while I finish my Corona.