Monday, April 14, 2008

What's Growing On?

Here's an update from the land of the Pouli (literally) on what spring looks like around our house. It seems as though the combination of warm weather and rain recently has caused an overnight growth in the foliage around our house. Here are some samples:
We picked up these Azeleas at Lowes a few weekends ago and these are the first flowers. There are several Azeleas (or Izaleas if your from the South) around the house and I'm always nervous they won't bloom...and somehow they do.

This is, by far, my favorite addition to the landscape. It's a Pink Dwarf Bleeding Heart and it sprouted up almost overnight. This is one of the plants I purchased from an online nursery and what I received in the mail was the roots...and look! It grew! The flowers really do look like pink hearts.
More to come on the comings and growings at our house. Hey, it's either this or more photos of Dexter!