Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Where have all the Pouli gone?

Hello Race Fans! Missed us?

It has been a whirlwind few days! On Friday, we picked up my parents for their semi-annual visit and headed straight for NYC. We decided on this trip to take in dinner and a show, so we picked up tickets to Curtains and had dinner at Sardi's...yum-o! Demetri impressed all of us by eating an entire serving of Steak tartare...literally, looks like uncooked meatloaf.

On Saturday, we headed back into the city to find the illusive Coach bag for $40 in Chinatown...but, no luck. We ended up calling it a day after an hour or so, but only after I was hustled by a 15 year old over a really bad knock-off, my Dad and Demetri saw a fist fight between two Chineese men and we saw fish still breathing in one of the open air markets.

Sunday was Easter, and we had a full house. Two leaves in our already huge table meant we all ate in the living room :) Thanks to Adam, Taegan, Julia and the Milo's for sharing the lamb with us! And, I learned on this day that my Dad is apparently a hustler...every time I looked up he was winning the poker hand!

The next three days were a bit of a crazy time! What started out being a quick door replacement and re-organization of the kitchen cabinets turned out to be a three-trip to Lowes interior redo and a two-trip to Target run for more baskets and buckets...but, I must say, I have the most organized kitchen cabinets, 3rd bedroom and garage/storage area on the planet! Thank you Momma!

My parents got to visit Lily today...the were in town last spring when Jason and Diane announced they were expecting Shrimpee and they were in town when we all found out that Shrimpee was Lily, so Diane invited us over for them to visit with her this time.

So, that was our week...I need a nap!