Sunday, February 17, 2008

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity

Welcome, Race Fans, to the 2008 season...and you'll have to be a race fan to get the title of the post. It's T- 10 minutes or so till the race begins and I've assumed the position...on the couch, under a blanket ready to nap a bit :) It's the 50th 500, so they're doing a lot of reminiscing...which is nice, but I have to ask...coverage started at 2:00pm and it's now long can a pre-show be...Oiy!

I'm pretty excited about this race...mainly because it's the first one of the season (November was such a long time ago) AND because my driver, Mr. Jr. himself, has a pretty good chance this time around. A new team and new number (still hate it) seems to be working well for him, and after a winless season last year, trust me, it's pretty exciting! After winning the Bud Shootout and one of the Gatorade Duels, I have pretty high hopes!

If your reading this post and just can't believe someone like me would be so into this sport (and yes, it's a sport) then you obviously haven't been to a's INCREDIBLE! go once and you're hooked. Demetri and I have a meeting at church at 5:00...I warned Demetri earlier this week that if my driver ("my" like I own him or something :)) was 1) winning, or 2) in a position to win, which usually means any where in the top 20 because he's phenomenal on superspeedways, I was going to have to miss the meeting...sorry, Pat. So, we'll see...looks like the pre-race show is over and they're moving to the command...WOO HOO!! Alright, Alright, Alright... nothing like that really makes your rib cage shake when you're there in person.

Seems as though the rest of the TV world is getting into the spirit as well...had the opportunity to catch Dale and 3 yesterday...such good shows...and Barry Pepper could be related to Dale, it's kind of creepy.

ok - pace laps now and then the green flag...more to come!