Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Remember that time when... were sure that the activity you were doing was going to kill you?

Well, I experienced that similar emotion last night. Taegan invited me to join her for yoga last night, and I agreed...which is quite a shocker in it's own right...first off it's exercise and second, it was exercise in a public place...and third, I've NEVER done yoga before...unless you could the 3 times I did it my living room with the TV instructor...but that's probably a different posting.

Anyways, I meet Taegan at the old Suite 14 (all you Crossroads folks will get a chuckle out of that) and we sign in and are getting ready and the instructor keeps talking about the heated room. Turns out, not only is it yoga, it's hot yoga that lasts 90 minutes! I was definately experiencing the "fight or flight" reaction...but once your in the room on the far side from the door, it's like your where to you have to stick it out.

I can't even begin to describe the sweaty nasty-ness that I turned into once this class was over...but, they say you burn 800 calories doing this type of yoga...which works out great, except when I got home I had a piece of cold pizza for dinner...oops.