Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Newest Addition

For the past several months now, Demetri and I have come to realize it was time for the Galant to was just getting old, making new noises and just generally ceasing to be fun to drive. So, we'd been discussing what kind of car we'd like to upgrade to and came up with some basic critera: an SUV-type car, but not a mini-van, 4-doors with a decent size back seat and ample trunk space, third row seats would be nice, but not necessary and we'd have to at least break even on our trade-in.

Yesterday, as I'm taking the Christmas tree down, he mentions that there's a 2005 Honda Pilot for sale at a CarMax in Rockville. This is not unusual, as he has mentioned several cars he's found and nothing really ever came of it. So, later on he suggests we go take it for a test drive. Not a problem, as long as I get a spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy's out of the deal.

So, two spicy chicken sandwiches later (one for me and one for him), we're making the 40 minute drive to Rockville to drive the Pilot. I suggest we take my car just in case, and he points out that he doesn't think he'd feel comfortable purchasing the vehicle right away, since he hasn't done any research on it. Um, ok.

We get to the CarMax and meet up with Stan, the sales guy. If you've never purchased a car through CarMax, I highly recommend it. We called on our way out there to make sure they still had it and Stan said he'd put it on hold for us. When we arrived, he had it pulled up to the curb warming up for us (did I mention it was like 30 degrees last night) and stood out there in the freezing cold with us to point out all the features. After a short test drive, we're back in the office talking specifics...the appraisal for the Galant was about $100 off where we needed it to be and our insurance actually decreased buy purchasing the Pilot.

So, I'd like to send out a big Congratulations to my husband for making one of his first impulse buys in our new Honda Pilot. He threw caution to the wind and we made a major purchase without any research or analyzing!

The picture above isn't our actual car, but it's been too chilly go outside and take an actual photo, but you get the gist's beige with tan cloth interior, 4-wheel drive automatic, 4-cylinder engine with third-row fold down seats. and I LOVE it!