Friday, December 21, 2007

White Elephant

Oh, those white elephant gift exchanges! How fun are they!

And, what exactly does "white elephant" mean? Some definitions taken from our small group christmas party last night:
  • Gift card to Cold Stone Creamery
  • 2008 Calendar about Extraordinary Chickens (not a joke)
  • an actual statue of a white elephant

Did we walk away with any of these fabulous items??? NOOOO! Demetri and I went home with books...but not just any books...we're the proud new owners of The Gift of Sex and Getting your Sex Life off to a Great Start. And, by the way, it's not the nice, new re-published books you see on Amazon...they were published in the 70's and yes, also include diagrams.

I should have known not to pick the gift that was brought by the same individual that supplied the assortment pack of KY at last year's party.

And, surprise, no one wanted to steal our gift...go figure